12:00pm April 12, 2010

Black Political Bloggers Make A Difference


Political bloggers come in all stripes and a multitude of flavors. Since starting a blog these days is as simple as signing up for an account with one of the free blogging platforms, African Americans have been airing their opinions on the web with increasing frequency. As a blogger, I understand why many have chosen to add their proverbial two cents to the conversation. It is a chance to question the political agendas or policies of our elected officials, or advance an argument that isn’t reflected in the mainstream media. For others, the internet provides a chance to connect with others who share their political views. And for some, the blogosphere has provided an efficient method for motivated individuals to organize and promote their own political agendas.

“Though they are less numerous, examining the role of minorities in the blogosphere is important if blogs are being used to engage in political discourse and discussion, and more importantly, political action that has real-world implications,” Pole said. “Who has influence in the blogosphere and how bloggers are using this new medium to undertake political action merits study.”

Dr. Antoinette Pole
Montclair State University

Barack Obama’s campaign for president in 2008 energized a large percentage of black political blogs. Whether an individual blogger supported Obama’s candidacy or not, the presence of a serious African American contender for the nation’s highest office seemed to draw blacks to the web in large numbers to seek additional opinions and perspectives beyond what the traditional mainstream media had to offer.

“Findings from this research suggest the blogosphere can be an avenue for greater political participation on the part of blacks and other minorities, given the relatively low threshold to entry and what appear to be low levels of discrimination.”

Dr. Antoinette Pole

Montclair State University

About the Author

Kris Broughton
Kris Broughton combines searing opinions with emotionally engaging commentary to provide insightful, original criticism of today's social and political events. He is the blogger behind Brown Man Thinking Hard, and a blog contributor at Big Think.com. His work has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters, the Post Tribune, Beacon News, and TV ONE Online.



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  2. phil

    Hopefully people realize all points of view are relevant to our national security and prosperity. Barack seems to be over the top with taxes and green initatives which severly hurt everyone. People of all color need to be more aware of what is good and what is wasteful not just free stuff. God help this country as it witneses whats to come.

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