Anti-Obama Billboard Threatens Anonymity Of Original Backers

Anti-Obama Billboard Threatens Anonymity Of Original Backers


These are the list of questions I sent BillboardsAgainstObama when I requested an interview with them.

Do any of your Billboards Against Obama business partners businesses employ African Americans?

Do any of your Billboards Against Obama business partners do business with African American markets?

Do any of your Billboards Against Obama business partners do business with local, state, or federal governments?

Do your anonymous businessmen who have partnered with you in this venture feel that a comparison to the Klu Klux Klan members penchant for wearing white hoods to obscure their identities would be an accurate assessment of their desire to remain unknown?

Is your organization a 503(c)(3) nonprofit?

Do you plan to disclose audited financials to those who donate or sign up for monthly contributions?

They must be very busy – I got an auto-replay from their email account. The only person affiliated with this group of conservatives who are brave enough to “take the gloves off” because they’ve had enough of the Obama Administration’s policies, but aren’t brave enough to lend their names to their cause is one Tommy Newberry. Coincidentally, Newberry is an author and motivational speaker who will likely benefit from the exposure this effort gives him among conservatives nationwide.

The signs include:

“Stop Obama’s Socialism.”

“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention.”

“Now It’s Personal! America’s Coming for You Congress! Vote Liberals Out in 2010.”

“Stop the Lies.”

The billboard sponsors consist of about 12 local businessmen. Spokesperson Tommy Newberry says there has seen such an influx of interest, sponsors are creating 50 billboard designs for donators to pick from. He also says it won’t take long before the billboards start popping up around the nation.

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The simple red, white and blue colored website only features links from its main page to pages where you can make a one-time donation or sign up to make monthly contributions. It is amazing that a group about whom so little is known is able to draw donations from around the country, in spite of the fact that there is no way to know who much or how little of the donations will actually be used to rent billboard space.

I really didn’t expect to get more than perfunctory answers to the first three questions. Because the reality is, if these anonymous conservative businessmen own enterprises that employ more than twenty people in the Atlanta metro area, it is very likely that they employ African Americans. And even if their businesses don’t serve African American markets, or do business with local, state, or federal governments, being connected with this kind of politically motivated display would not reflect favorably on them or their businesses at all.

In fact, the more successful becomes, the harder it will be for these men to keep their identities concealed.


  1. Why do you want to know? (these are common sense statements that anyone could have made)
    So the secret police can round them up for thought crimes??? Oh excuse me; so the FBI can investigate them for hate speech and can boycott and vandalize them?