BBC Captures Bush Wiping Hands after Handshake in Haiti

BBC Captures Bush Wiping Hands after Handshake in Haiti


It’s been rumored that former president George W. Bush is an obsessive-compulsive who likes to keep his hands clean. Barack Obama even commented on Bush’s chronic need to use hand sanitizer. And it looks like there could be some truth to that rumor as demonstrated in this video recorded by the BBC, where the former president wipes his hands after a handshake with an Haitian…

…on former president Bill Clinton’s shirt no less.


  1. Hi Robin, A two-term President; Governor; business man — I'm certain that he has shaken many hands in his time. Not a fan of Bush, but I can't gig him for what's on this video. We all of our quirks. Ray

    • Believe it or not, I agree. I study images and not once did I take Bush’s gesture to be mean or malicious. I saw a man acting on his compulsions and I even believe Bill Clinton was thinking, “Not now, George. Geez.” And you’re right. I most definitely have my quirks. Peace, Ray and thanks for commenting.