Vanessa R. Williams, Laser Focused

Vanessa R. Williams, Laser Focused


Name: Vanessa R Williams
Title: Executive Director
Organization: National Conference of Black Mayors
Age: 35

As Executive Director of the National Conference of Black Mayors, Vanessa R. Williams facilitates the good work of more than 650 African American Mayors across the United States, who collectively represent 48 million Americans.  Under her leadership, NCBM has been actively engaged in implementing new policies and directives to better facilitate its memberships’ ability to redevelop our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

Founded in 1974 with the mission of enhancing the executive management capacity of its member mayors, NCBM provides technical and management assistance, articulates the public policy positions of its members, and serves as a clearinghouse for information pertinent to municipal development and financing, like the provision of telecommunications infrastructure and energy efficiency initiatives.  Ms. Williams retains an intense focus on providing mayors with redevelopment tools, cutting-edge research and essential best practices to challenge and overcome the grappling issues that have eroded the vitality and sustainability of our nation’s cities.

Beyond her domestic efforts, the global reach of NCBM has allowed Ms. Williams to organize over 18,000 mayors abroad, establishing partnerships with mayoral associations, presidents and heads of state in Africa, Colombia, China, Haiti, Brazil, Jamaica, Martinique and the Bahamas.  As a result of these partnerships, Ms. Williams has been instrumental in spurring international development through the exchange of information, technical assistance, critical resource building and training.

Ms. Williams is truly one of the vanguard visionaries of our day, and her leadership stands as a shining example of the positive leadership that is needed to further support our communities, particularly those populated by low-income, unserved and underserved people.

State and Local [Vanessa Williams-NCBM] from Politic365 on Vimeo.